Wednesday, February 25, 2009

How To Combat The Fear Of Public Speaking

London, UK

A re-post from April last year:

You may have seen the various posts on my other site in relation to the fear of public-speaking.
This morning at a business breakfast, I gave a talk about how to overcome those nerves! Most of you will have an idea on how to achieve that. There's plenty of blogs out there, Eric Feng, the brilliant Lisa Braithwaite and Nick R Thomas to mention just three, who can give you plenty of tips, but you may want to delve deeper. You see, in my view, fear of public speaking doesn't really exist. What does is a fear of being found out, a fear of looking foolish or even a fear of feinting.

Just what is it that makes you nervous in front of others?


darrellben said...

Wonderful thoughts here!

The only thing that gets me stammering is indeference from my audience. If they are checking watches or looking out the window, I might stumble a little.
I combat this by knowing my group before I arrive.
I also simply love to talk turkey. I love to talk ABOUT something (especially my subject). Chocolate, blues guitar, bikinis, if I love it, I'll ramble effectively.

Public Speaking said...

Engaging with an audience is really good for your confidence. I have found when the audience is looking up and you and providing you with positive eye contact it really helps me control the nerves.