Monday, July 16, 2007

Ice hockey in Israel

Great story from JTA

Jews on ice

The first World Jewish Ice Hockey Tournament is being held in Metulla, Israel.

With outside temperatures reaching 90 degrees in Israel’s northernmost city, teams from the United States, France, Israel and Canada are competing on the ice at Metulla’s Canada Center, located just over the border from Lebanon.

In the first game the Americans trounced the French, 9-4. Games will continue all week, with the championship game on Friday.


James Higham said...

You mean, Jeremy, that non-Jews are not allowed to play? I thought in our modern, sophisticated, non-discriminatory, all-embracing society that it was compulsory for any organization to include:

1. over 50% women
2. 10% minimum homosexuals
3. 30% Muslims
4. 10% unemployed

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Don't tell me, I suppose you want Girl Guides to accept Scouts?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, however why do we need a Jewish Tournament?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Why not? Besides, don't you know about the Maccabiah Games?

Anonymous said...

hi !
Where I can find scores of games of Championship ?

Anonymous said...

Hi !
Where can I find scores of games of the Championship ?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Yediot Ahronot on line possibly