Saturday, July 21, 2007

This stupid country (5)

Can you believe this? Theo has this story in his weekly round-up of news. He's described Mr McInery as ***t of the week. Do you agree?

From the Daily Telegraph

Binman's St George bandana 'is racist'

By Nigel Bunyan
Last Updated: 12:41am BST 21/07/2007

A black dustman has been banned from wearing a St George's Cross bandana because council officials say it could be regarded as racist.

Matthew Carter, 35, who was born in Barbados, used the headgear to keep his dreadlocks out of the way while he was on his rounds in Burnley, Lancs. He had done so for seven months before his photograph appeared in a local newspaper. A number of local people complained, and his superiors called him.

"I received a verbal warning," Mr Carter said yesterday. "They told me the St George's Cross was not allowed to be seen on any clothing we wear because it could be considered offensive and racist."

Ian McInery, the operational services manager for Pendle council, defended the decision to discipline Mr Carter. He said: "We have made it clear to staff that they are not allowed to put stickers or flags on bin wagons or wear clothing which shows support for a particular team, group or country.

"We can't make one rule for one person and one for another. It's just a common-sense approach that we are sticking to."Mr Carter still wears a bandana but one that bears the image of a skull and crossbones.


Jeremy Jacobs said...

One has to wonder who the complainants were.

Crushed said...

Isn't the skulll and crossbones an imagery of piracy?
So it's OK to promote piracy, but not England...

A crazy land we live in...

pommygranate said...


im afraid i rather lost the plot when i read this story.

still i feel better now..

Jeremy Jacobs said...

don't worry. Come the revolution, bureaucrats will be swept away.