Monday, July 09, 2007

Blog Changes

Re-arranged a few items on the left-hand side. A new widget "Save the Bears" has recently been added and quite a few blog links have been removed with some new friends added. In my view, if you can't be bothered top link to me, then why on Earth should I link to you? God, I can be a savage bastard sometimes! I mean, what's the point of linking to certain blogs just because they are popular? So it's goodbye and good riddance to Rachel North and Girl with a One Track Mind ( One Track Dirt Track if you ask me) and hello to Adloyada and Beaman's World.

Another great blog I admire is Jennifer Jones's "Goodness Graciousness" and her dating blog "How to tell if your Guy is a Jerk". This loosely translated to English means don't go out with a schmuck (as we say in certain parts of Norf London).

As you were.

Carry on.


Crushed said...

Its good to have these rearrangements from time to time.

I quite like playing around with the look of my blog.

I think the whole point of a blogroll is for your own use, to get the blogs you want to visit yourself.

Beaman said...

Thanks for the mention. :)

Jennifer Jones said...

Hey Jeremy...

Thanks for the support!

I have been doing some rearranging too. I'm totally proud of myself because last night I figured out how to make a header! OMG, this is nothing less than a miracle and I am so NOT kidding! LOL!

Hope life is good... keep me posted!


Colin Campbell said...

Lovely. I have the bear one too. My kids keep asking to look at it, so I know I have at least two readers.

People rearrange their blogs quite a lot. I am interested in this from a branding perspective, how much you can change things and maintain the personality of the blog. I mean James changes the name of the blog and his name and nobody seems phased. A lesser blog may have lost readers doing that.

Any way keep on taking the tablets. Excellent work as always.