Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Slow down when presenting and speaking

London, UK

Lisa Braithwaite, the public-speaking blogger, has just posted an article on the importance of slowing down when one's delivers a speech or presentation. I would add that when delivering news buletins on radio or presenting something live to camera, it's essential that you speak slowly.
Why not try and mouth the words of the newscaster next time you watch the television news. You'll be surprised by the speed of the delivery.

Here's those tips about slowing down:

Slowing down allows you to breathe. When you breathe, you send more oxygen to your brain, you support your voice, and you calm yourself down.

Slowing down allows you to hear yourself talking. When you can hear yourself talking, you're less likely to get ahead of yourself, lose your place or forget your next point.

down forces you to be concise with your material. You'll have to leave out all the extraneous and non-critical content and just focus on the most meaningful aspects of your message.


Lisa Braithwaite said...

Hey Jeremy, thanks for posting my tips! And I love the one about mouthing the words of the newscaster to see how slow they're speaking. I'm going to pass that one along!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

OK, but don't do it whilst walking down the street. People will think you are mad!

Also, US newscasters may speak a little faster than those on UK channels.

I've also mentioned you over at my other site.