Monday, January 19, 2009

Barack Obama's Inauguration Coverage

London, UK

There'll be plenty of coverage of Tuesday's Presidential Inauguration. As you would expect, the BBC are providing these viewing opportunities

Alan Caruba is a top US political commentator. Here's his take on tomorrow's proceedings.


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Ted said...

The question is not IF there will be an interdiction of Obama’s Presidency by the Supreme Court, the questions are WHEN and HOW that interdiction will transpire — that is, if the USA is to continue as the Constitutional Republic that now exists.

Alan Caruba said...

Until the facts are all in, Obama is going to serve under a cloud of suspicion, at least from those serious about the U.S. Constitution. It would frankly amaze me if the U.S. Supreme Court took on this issue unless they were presented with irrefutable proof that Obama was ineligible as the result of his birthplace or a former citizenship.

Anonymous said...

I would be amazed if the U.S. Supreme Court took up the case of Obama's Constitutional standing to be President. I doubt this would occur unless they were presented with irrefutable proof that he was not a "native born" citizen or had been a citizen of another nation at some point. This is an issue to those for whom the Constitution is immutable, but most Americans not that engaged with the issue.

Anonymous said...

I like the new banner Jeremy. Very fetching.

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