Sunday, January 18, 2009

BBC Television Bloopers

London, UK

Continuing the theme of television presenter cock-up's and so on, here's some clips from "BBC VT". This video series was made by technicians at the BBC. Suggestive and raunchy in parts, I suggest you take a look quickly before they are removed by You Tube.

Some classic BBC unedited out takes from the late 70's, with many that have not been shown on TV at all. They are part of an internal video, that was done in late 1979 for the staff at Christmas. The video technicians have also played about with some adverts and news items of the time, plus various stars/artists have joined in with some comedy sketches. Enjoy some magic moments! There is a fair bit of bad language in parts.
Including clips from/with Dr Who, Mary Whitehouse, Swap Shop, The Goodies, Patrick Moore, Dr Who, Are You Being Served,Terry and June.

Do not watch if swearing and brief nudity offend.


Michael Child said...

Thanks for that Jeremy I always appreciate your efforts to find us amusing clips.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

No problem Michael. Feel free to pass around the Margate/Ramsgate blogosphere.

Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, ditto. Is the blogosphere in Margate very active?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Well let's just say that things are more active in Cambridge.