Sunday, October 15, 2006

All aboard to Bordeaux

This was the sixth tour of it's kind for the dynamic duo (although it felt like the nth time I'd been away with Paul). Previously, various towns on the Continent of Europe, had been terrorised by us. These include: Bayeux, Compiegne, Ostend and Milano Marittima on the Adriatic coast.

But this weekend was unlike any other, as Bordeaux is a magnificent city. Full of Classic and neo-Classic architecture, wide roads where the trams snake through like smooth, semi-silent serpents. There are no cars in the centre, as several years ago it was decided to turn it into a pedestrian-only zone, the cornerstone of which, is the magnificent Greek and Romanesque- stlyed Opera House.

I need not dilate on the excellences of foreign travel to such places as Italy, Spain and France. This compares of course, to what we have at home. Instead of stylish, chic-looking women parading in and out of fashionable boutiques or sophisticated cafes, we have half-dressed, barely conscious; alcoholically-challenged, raucous females and males from some sub-culture, downloading (or is it chucking-up) images on their "phones" in their own self-amused fashion, on and around our High Streets.

Bordeaux, like most other towns and cities in France, has no thoroughfares called High Street, or it's equivalent in la belle langue - and as an antedote to English homogeneous, in Bordeaux there is the Place du Parlement, Cours de L'Intendance and the the superb sounding Place des Quinconces.

Along Les Allees de Tourny, Sunday lunch was taken at La Noaille, one of the finest bistro's in the city. Fresh asparagus, sole menuire and a peach and raspberry tart all washed down wth an excellent white wine - and how could I not mention our visit to St. Emilion. This village, world renowned for it's wine, quaint little restaurants and shops is really a sight to behold and " a must see" on any visit to South-West France.
(There's also a little extra piece about the car we took to St Emilion, here) and.....................
...........the bizarre-looking drink in the photo above, is a Monaco. Beer with a dash of grenadine.

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