Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ramsgate Rally

Not a political point but one concerning one of my huge passions - football.
(The photo shows a victorious Margate FC in May 2004 team after having won one of the oldest competitions in English football - The Kent Senior Cup).

For the first time in about 45 years, Ramsgate FC is "above" Margate FC in a league position. This situation has been brought about by our (Margate FC that is) recent demise from the upper echelons of non-league football (The Conference) and the extroadinary rise of the "old enemy" Ramsgate FC . Both teams now play in the Ryman League, Premier Division. It's been 34 years since both clubs played each other in a league situation. In 1972/3, Ramsgate reached their soccer zenith by competing in the Southern League, Premier Division (the equivalent of today's Conference, IMO). But they only lasted one season. Margate on the other hand, finished well in that division that season and were on the telly as they narrowly lost to the Spurs 6-0 at Hartsdown Park in the FA Cup. Ramsgate FC's fortunes then took a nosedive and have only been revived since the local MP, Steve Ladyman, started to watch them more reguarly.

In just two seasons, Ramsgate's average home crowd has risen from 4 men and a dog to something approaching the average number in a queue at a Post Office on pension day. Last season, Ramsgate even managed to reach the 1st Round Proper of the FA Cup. A remarkable feat for such a little team. It was only the second time in Ramsgate FC's history that they had "gone so far". This season, other little teams like Haverhill or Brackley could "do a Ramsgate".

Will your club "do a Ramsgate" this season?

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The rot has been stopped. A 3-1 win in the Trophy at Wivenhoe yesterday.