Monday, October 30, 2006

Muddy fields in Kent and a haunted pub

For those of you who normally venture here , can I apologise. Today was very special. Why? you may ask. Well, the training programme is really kicking (or hiking) into gear.

Very soon, I'm going to have to join the Ramblers Association! - About 8 miles were covered, on foot, from the well known village of Sutton-at-Hone to Farningham and back. My guides were the infamous Lord & Lady Pay. The "first-half" was spent dodging sheep, Sevenoaks District Council (very near to Iain Dale territory) dust-carts, very small dogs and navigating tunnels, above which were the M20 & A20. The conversation was peppered with current affairs, politics; reminices about schooldays in Broadstairs, political speeches; (like the nonsense from Bliar this morning) tv & radio coverage and so on..................time was taken out for a photo shoot. ( see above - do you like the boots?)

After about 2 1/2 hours, when the three voices were getting a little hoarse, a pub was stumbled upon. Not any pub, but one run by daughter Katherine. An excellent repas was served and copious amounts of shandy were imbibed. The pub in question is the Pied Bull. This former coaching inn is haunted by a "friendly ghost". "Is that right", I said with a certain degree of sarcasm. "Certainly is", said Katherine. She then explained about various goings on and comings off, up and down the staircase. The ghost sometimes laughs. Katherine tells it to shut-up. It does!

The return leg (I know a terrible pun) resumed at about Chinese dentist time - two-thirty. ( some of you will get that) and finished around tea-time. A brew was gulped down before I headed towards the M25 and civilization.

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Anonymous said...

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