Sunday, October 22, 2006

What a difference a week makes!

From beautiful Bordeaux to miserable Manchester.
The contrast couldn't have been greater. On the one hand, there's sophistication and on the other scruffiness, foul-language and anti-social behaviour. Most of it, of course, in the centre of town!
Luckily for me, I was staying with some friends near the relatively civilized suburb of Altrincham. Mind you, I was dead impressed with the new Hilton Hotel near the G-Mex centre. The lower half of this "thin" skyscraper is the hotel, then above it are private apartments. The tallest residential building in the UK.


Anonymous said...

I think a visit to Bordeaux would be my preferred choice. Whenever I visit France, I notice how polite their young people always seem, greeting each other with a kiss, much better dressed very polite. France always seems so much cleaner too. I often used to visit France on the Euro tunnel when you could get a cheap crossing, I'm not sure what the price is now, but I know prices soared and I stoppped going. It used to be good fun and driving around France is a pleasure too.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Couldn't agree with you more.

Will Kintish said...

What's wrong with Manchester? i've lived here 58 years 8 months and 6 days and find it the best place in the world. Come and have a beer next time you come to miserable manchester. I'll show you a magnificent Manchester
Will Kintish

Simon Wharton said...

The problem with Manchester is that you can never get anything done because of all the people who want to talk to you, or have a beer with you and be pretty friendly. The complete and sesnsitive redevelopment of the entire city blending old and modern cutting edge architecture is such a bind and the enormous range of superb restaurants across a huge range of cuisines? Well, that's right out of order.

It does rain a bit though

Anonymous said...