Sunday, April 22, 2007

Tangerine Dream ( A question for football anoraks)

Here's a photo from yesterday's action between Margate and Ashford Town (Middx). On the ball is Danny Hockton who's scored 40 for Margate this season. You'll notice that ATFC's predominant colour is tangerine.

What other senior football clubs currently play in tangerine or orange, apart from Dundee United & Blackpool? Tony Kempster has an in-depth knowledge. Perhaps he'll drop me a line. Dave Twydell writes on this subject as well. Being a bit of a football anorak, I really ought to investigate as to whether there's a football anorak site which will be full of interesting facts.

N.B. Don't even think of mentioning Wolves, that's old gold or the old Rugby Town. They used to but went bust in 1973.


Anonymous said...

Do you manage to play yourself too Jeremy?

Jeremy Jacobs said...

No, I'm afraid my team sport activities are long gone.

Nowadays it's yoga,hiking and the occasional bike ride.