Sunday, April 15, 2007

From Russia with Love - NOT

Burst out with laughter at this ridiculous story from yesterday's Daily Express. Some bloke from Margate, David Hodgkinson, (no, I don't know him despite my connections there) has sent over £20,000 to two Russian women. He was hoping that one of them would turn up at Heathrow and thrust themselves upon him. David, had "met" the two Russian women over the internet (now there's a surprise) via a Christian singles dating website called (christianstupid more like). One of the women conned David into giving her money for medical bills. Money he'll never see again. According to the article, David ignored the advice of friends who told him not to get involved and now he's ended up still alone and now a bit broke.

(Yours truly met with a real stunner in St Petersburg a few years ago. Despite being savvy and well-heeled, she did hound me on the phone for months afterwards for a one-way ticket to London. She, of course, was given the order of the boot).

So what can we learn from poor David from Margate? Well, I really don't think the internet is the place to meet someone. Good old fashioned introductions through friends or family and meeting someone naturally is the best way to find that"someone special". Jennifer J in the States would agree, I'm sure.


James Higham said...

They take you to the cleaners, these lasses. Keep the wallet hidden and turn on the charm. Watch them run.

Jeremy Jacobs said...


Shades said...

I remember being told about someone I know who was working in St. Petersberg. A real stunner latched on to him in a hotel bar and offered to sleep with him for a substantial sum. This was repeated for a more reasonable sum and then later for free (after the city bridges were lifted).

He was happily married and declined- no risk of waking up without a wallet that way!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

At a disco/nightclub on my trip to St P., I was propositioned. She wanted $500. I said that was outrageous.

Colin Campbell said...

They should be paying you Jeremy. Such a catch. I will be sure to filter all my commercial and personal internet offers through the Jeremy Jacobs Internet Dating and Associated Commercial Scams Service.