Sunday, September 09, 2007

Best political blog post of the on

From Devil's Kitchen. It's here in full and is about the ghastly Keith Vaz. You remember, he was at the centre of the Hinduja brothers scandal in 2001.

Keith Vaz: corrupt, hypocritical little turd*

Via The Briff, compare and contrast the contrasting opinions of corrupt MP, Keith Vaz, over the period of just one month.
Keith Vaz, in a letter to the Telegraph, July 30 2007:
"The EU Reform Treaty ("EU treaty published - but only in French", report, July 27) is fundamentally in British and European interests. There is no need for a referendum on a text that had been directed to abandon the constitutional concept, and meets British demands on foreign policy, tax and the judicial system".

Keith Vaz, in a letter to the Sun, August 31 2007:
"I believe in the European Union. And as a former Minister for Europe I believe the time has come for the Government to hold a referendum and decide once and for all Britain’s place is at the heart of Europe”.

A month is a long time in politics, it seems.

You're not wrong there, matey. It seems that, for the perfidious Vaz, it is long enough for him to entirely change his point of view...

* No, I am not calling him a turd because he is brown. I am calling him a turd because he is a fucking turd.

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