Sunday, September 09, 2007

Goodie Bags

My lovely internet friend, Jennifer Jones, has launched a campaign to rid the world of plastic bags.

Details here

Jeremy Jacobs - Corporate Presenter


Mowriter said...

what option do we really have??? Using plastic bags is bad for the environment...? Well, how about Paper bags? Cut down trees to decrease the quantity of greenhouse gases re-absorbed by the ecosystem?

Plastic bags are easier to re-use as refuse bags for smaller trash cans in the house...and I'm re-using them, which is also a good thing!

If this person (and I'll re-read her article) has no viable alternatives to using plastic bags, she needs to shut her pie hole.

Jennifer Jones said...

Hi Mowriter,

Well, I'm just one little person trying to make my little corner of the world move a bit more to a consciousness of caring for the earth and each other.

I realize that in the United States using plastic bags is easy, convienent, and quite a habit, and like all habits, difficult to break.

I custom paint some affordable reusable canvas bags, so people have a little motivation to live more carefully.

I'm not thinking I will change the world, just doing my best to help!

I have the belief that if we each do what we can, together we can make a difference!

Warmest wishes to you,


Ohhh... and thank you Jeremy my friend for your always kind support and encouragment!

Big hugs,