Saturday, September 22, 2007

Election Night Special

With specualtion that the "Great Gordo" may call an election for the end of October, you may find this rather funny.

Monty Python 1974.

Excellent stuff


Jeremy Jacobs said...

My favourite Monty Python sketch is the "Poofy Commandos". I'd like to get hold of it.

Can anybody help?

Anonymous said...

just stumbled acroos your blog and had a look around - my, you are a self satisfied, smug, little man aren't you ??

10 / 1 you don't publish this .....


Jeremy Jacobs said...

At least I can spell Mark

Anonymous said...

Fair comment - but so too, can I - the 'acroos' was a typo.

My initial comment stands - describing a colleague as a 'fellow good chap' in your latest post - self-satisfied pomposity of the highest order - generally found only in the English unfortunately (for the English that is).


Response Plod said...

I loved the philosophers sketch.

Good day Bruce! :)