Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Facebook Ban (2)

Flipchart Fairytales has posted a beautiful post about the subject I raised last week.

Did you hear about this? Kent County Council have banned their *32000 employees from using the social utility Facebook.

Employers are great at disciplining staff aren't they? If they spent as much time getting people to "buy-in" to the culture (I know it isn't easy in the public sector) of their organization, valued them more their staff just might do a better and more committed job. Perhaps then they wouldn't feel the need to spend time at Facebook or going outside for a fag.

This sort of thing is so typical of British management. Minimalist, narrow-minded, old-fashioned and unnecessary.

*32, 000 - what do they all do?

He goes a little further and is quite scathing in his attack on the corporates.

Jeremy Jacobs - Corporate Presenter


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

Yes, typically British, I'm sad to say!

Anonymous said...

It should have been set up with groundrules, like they only access it during their breaks. If it had been managed sensibly, these difficulties wouldn't have arisen.

Anonymous said...

I recently sparked a debate about whether employers should ban Facebook or not. The consensus was strongly against employers banning the site, and so am I. When are employers going to realise that allowing access to these sites can enhance business social networking.

I offered guidance in that if employers are set on banning Facebook, then think about introducing restricted access, instead of putting in place an outright ban. As long as employees are clear on how they can spend their time on Facebook, then there shouldn't be any problems.