Sunday, January 28, 2007

Bloggies 2007

I've referred to the Awards over here. I'd like to suggest another couple of categories

1. Most Offensive Blog

2. Most hard to understand Blog

Who would be your nominations?


Colin Campbell said...

Most Pretentious Blog

How did Margate do this weekend. I saw your mugshot on the 2000 bloggers site. I signed up, but not visible yet.

Hope your training is going well.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

You mean I'd win the most pretentious blog!?

Margate lost 3-2 to some piddly team called Hampton & Richmond Borough. I didn't go - just as well.

Still can't cope with having to play second fiddle to the likes of Tamworth, Lewes, St Albans and other "non-footballing" town teams.

Colin Campbell said...

No your blog is not in the slightest pretentious. I just think that there are a lot that are.

Anonymous said...

Well Jeremy, if you would like a headache try this one

Warning though, comments to the right of Tony Benn will be deleted!