Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Oh my God It's Winter!

Well, blow me down with a feather, it's winter. On page 21 of this evenings Evening Standard, the
headline reads "Don't get comfortable, there's snow on the way" - Really. Well, fancy that.

Mark Prigg, the ES's Science Correspondent(because an ordinary journo couldn't have written this) writes that a Met. Office spokesman said today: "there could be, by the end of February, sharp cold snaps lasting a few days and we think there is a high chance of snow". No shit Sherlock. This usually happens this time of year.

Well known weather geek, Piers Corbyn (brother of the famous Commie Jeremy Corbyn) says "it could be bad for Eastern England" (watch out Ellee). Simon Keeling of the Weather Consultancy, which produces long-range forecasts said "our predictions point to a very average year". ( I mean, why doesn't someone say that Monday will be before Tuesday) - the article goes on to say that GP's are concerned about the cold because it affects people badly. Well short of pissing off to a warmer climate for the entire population what do you expect fellas? Then we're told about El Nino, global warming and how former BBC weatherman Bill Giles says that he's seen certain vegetables in his garden he doesn't normally see until March.

This article is typical of the patronizing fuckwittage spewed out by the ES most days. No wonder they're losing out to those "freebies".


Welshcakes Limoncello said...

I love the term "fuckwittage". - Cheered me up!

Jeremy Jacobs said...


Anonymous said...

That's a new word for me, I must live a sheltered life.

I would welcome some snow, preferably in the winter though. We always seem to be obsessed by weather, even before we latched on to global warming.

Colin Campbell said...

No snow here. Very funny take on the baloney printed in the newspapers. I get almost all my news on the web now and look to people like you Jeremy to keep me up to date on the news from the Yuk.