Sunday, January 07, 2007

FA Cup moments

This weekend has seen the 3rd round Proper of the FA Cup. One of the featured games on BBC tv was Tamworth v Norwich. The last time I was at the Lamb I covered Tamworth v Margate in the Conference a few years back. That was for TTFC (The Footballers Football Channel) an internet tv station, now defunct.

One of the radio reporters that day was Marc Webber, who was on duty for the Beeb at Bristol City v Coventry earlier today.


Bill Haydon said...

Jeremy -forgive me if you've posted on this in more depth before - but how did you go about doing that commentary? Did you spend days researching the teams? What style did you adopt?

I've often thought I'd love to do that but I can feel myself lurching into cliche even now!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Working for BBC local radio helped at the time. TFFC was fun to be involved with.

What style did I adopt? It's best to be yourself.

Bill Haydon said...

Tell that to the Devil's Kitchen. I'd love to hear a footie commentary done by him!