Friday, January 19, 2007

The weekend looms for two Jewish Princesses

Some writing, tidying and speech writing, and there's going to be a couple of sexy women coming over tomorrow night! About time for some fun and frolics with Rachel and Becky. I don't suppose politics, UKIP, Europe or football will be amongst the topics of conversation. More likely the oncoming cold weather which will be gripping the country for most of next week. Apparently!

Of course, there has to be time spent at the gym and walking around Hampstead Garden Suburb. For more details of the Trek preparation please visit here.

For more intellectual pursuits go here

For ogling at Penelope Cruz stay here


James Higham said...

I'll stay here, thanks very much.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Yes, I don't blame you she is drop dead gorgeous.

It's the Moorish nose I like.

Anonymous said...

I've gone all weak at the knees

Anonymous said...

Penelop Cruz is stunning and she seems a very pleasant character.

Unlike many Jewish Princesses!!!!

Colin Campbell said...

I'm married and my wife reads my blog sometimes. Have a nice time. Jeremy I just want you to know that it has rained here pretty much continuously for three days. It looks like the UK in winter, except that it is 28 degrees. How do you accept donations for your punishing walk from out of the country?

Tisha! said...

aaaah I stayed here, I went there uhuh uhuh hubba and now I'm you riled me up!

Loved the Jewish Princess site!

Jewish Puerto Rican African Indian American Princess