Thursday, January 11, 2007

Publicly Speaking

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As you all know by now, I'm very passionate about public speaking and how it can help individuals achieve a higher sense of self-expression, confidence and achievement. Also, I'm a advocat of my Victoria-based speaking club, London Corinthians and the organization it's part of, Toastmasters International.

If you fear public speaking or worried about that presentation you have to deliver at work, you may like to consider joining your local Toastmasters Club.


Anonymous said...

I shall shorly make my fourth speech at Cambridge Toastmasters, it will be about Lord Nelson, my hero, and I have to add metaphores and similies. I do find public speaking terrifying, but am slowly improving.

It was at Toastmasters that I met Blogger Geoff who introduced me to blogging, so I have much to thank it for.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I must come and see you sometime in action at Toastmasters