Saturday, April 14, 2007

Code of Conduct for Bloggers

In today's Guardian, Tim O'Reilly, who apparently coined the term Web 2.0, calls for a Code of Conduct for Bloggers. The code would exhort bloggers not to say anything on-line that you wouldn't say on-line.

Personally, I share the view held by Seth Freedman from Israel. He says: "It's important to see the extreme reactions so people can gauge how certain topics bring out the worst in people."


Shades said...

I agree.

Sometimes we say things we don't intend face to face in banter- I called a colleague (who I rather like) an "arse covering wanker" to his face yesterday. It came out wrong and I realised it as I was saying it.

I have quite a loud voice and it shocked lots of people nearby, including me!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

An ACW. That sounds like one for our friend at Flip Chart Fairy Tales

Colin Campbell said...


'ems fightin words me boy. It is interesting how you can get away with that in speech, but it jumps out of the screen if you use too many vulgar/naughty/rude type of phrases in comments on blogs.

I think people will vote with their mouse. People who are attracted to violent and rude type of language can find it aplenty.

I am completely with you on this one Jeremy. As the author, you control the content and can moderate comments. The rest is up to you dear reader. As Blognor Regis says "I am the author I outrank you"