Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BBC - Big Brother Corporation?

This morning on BBC Radio 4, I heard a snippet from Paul Dacre's speech at the London College of Communication which he delivered last night. His comments, and apparently most of his speech content, really struck a nerve. I'm sure I speak for many people in this country who are fed to the back teeth with the left-wing, liberal, PC attitude of our national broadcaster. The behemoth, as Dacre described the BBC, has always, in my opinion, supported the left but I feel that nowadays it comes across as the "Party broadcaster" and wo betide those who dare to criticize it.

Paul Dacre may have slightly off beam as Roy Greenslade points out in his article but I agree with the Dacre's general gist. He expressed concern for smaller broadcasters and their independent voice and coined the term "subsidiarat". This term is reserved for media giants, the BBC just being one, who by definition, are unable to survive in a free-market" as Dacre suggested.

Subsidiarat is a word we'll hear more of in the future.

How do you fell about Dacre's remarks?

Do you share his concern?

Is the BBC the behemoth hbe descibes them as?


Tisha! said...

Don't know really can't stand that show!

I was invited to be a guest on My Point Radio tomorrow and will put all the details about the show on my blog later on today. I would be delighted if you would listen or call in!

Take care

Anonymous said...

I missed the news report, but am glad you have highlighted it, I have contacted my contact to ask for a copy of his speech. We are in danger of losing our freedom of speech, we should highlight this as much as possible.

Shades said...

The BBC is rightly lampooned as the Blair Broadcasting Corporation, soon to be the Brown BC.

I'm always a bit torn as some of their output is excellent; however it distorts the market, regards itself as being entitled to much of the radio spectrum and is now untenable by being funded with the license fee.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I concur with both your view points. There's an awful lot of brilliant output on Radio 3 & 4. IMHO, no independent comes near.