Thursday, December 27, 2007

Battle of Boxing Day

London & Margate, UK

There are two things I currently dislike about football:

1. Players who feign tackles or injuries, and
2. Players who individually, or collectively whinge and moan at officials and don't "get on with the game".

Both were in abundance at Hartdown Park, Margate on Boxing Day where the home team drew 1-1 with close neighbours, Ramsgate FC. Some of you would have read this article which appeared on my main site towards the end of last season. Both teams were "up for it" back in April but yesterday, there was a nasty edge to Ramsgate's play which exemplified their desperation to finish above Margate in a league for the first time in 50 years.They may succeed come early May.

Much has been discussed in the media about players diving in the box to con the referee into awarding a penalty.This is now known in footballing circles as "simulation". One of the Ramsgate forwards, Steffan Ball, tried it on in the first-half, just in front of my commentary postion. He should, in my opinion, been given a yellow card or perhaps a junior Oscar. This started the big "Ramsgate whinge" which continued throughout the rest of the match and only to be interrupted when Ramsgate scored the opening goal just prior to the break.

Most of the talk after the match centred around an incident halfway through the second half. The Ramsgate goalscorer, Olly Shultz, sithed down Margate skipper, Rob Haworth. The tackle was one of those two-footed, off the ground and potentially career-ending tackles. He was shown a straight red and will face a three-match ban. Question is, is this adequate? Will a six-match or three-month ban get the message home to players? And Suppose Shultz had done this down your local High Street. He surely would have been arrested.

On a lighter note, it was great to see some of the Yorath family at Hartsdown Park. Dai (details) Dean, who played 33 times for the 'Gate and Terry Yorath. (Read this)

Happy New Year

Picture shows Margate winger Ryan Martin impersonating Cristiano Ronaldo

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