Thursday, December 13, 2007


London, UK

From the blog at on-line magazine, Management-Issues:

The annual Christmas quiz in UK lawyers' magazine Legal Business has raised eyebrows with questions such as "which female partner at a top City law firm was sent to Asia after she was caught having a threesome with two trainees – in the office?"

Other gems include asking the name of the firm where one secretary hospitalised another after hitting her with a champagne bottle in a fight at a party and which firm fired a trainee after they were sick on a partner at a Christmas dinner.

Intriguingly, the magazine says that it has never been threatened with legal action over the salacious quiz, despite featuring similar tales of misbehaviour for 14 years running.

As the magazine's editor, James Baxter, told the Evening Standard: "morality levels in the legal profession are directly linked to earnings, with one decreasing as the other increases."

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