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United Nations - again!

Like Yourish, I love this too:

I love this.

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon slammed on Thursday Israel’s plan to build more than 300 new homes in an East Jerusalem neighborhood.”This new tender for 300 new homes in eastern Jerusalem, so soon after the Annapolis Middle East peace conference, I think is not helpful,” Ban said, noting that the United Nations had a consistent position on the illegality of such settlements.

The new housing would expand Har Homa, a Jewish neighborhood in an area Palestinians claim as capital of a future state. The Palestinians call the area Jabal Abu Ghneim.

So what is helpful?

Is this helpful?

Private mutterings aside, the world press was inundated a few days ago with photos of the Saudi king, Abdullah, strolling hand-in-hand with *President Ahmadinejad of Iran at the yearly Gulf Cooperation Council summit in Qatar. This year was the very first time since its inception in 1981 that the Gulf Cooperation Council, led by the Saudis, invited Iran to the love fest.

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Is this helpful?

Muslim persecution of Christians is the major cause of the dwindling population of Christians in towns like Bethlehem.

Is this helpful?

Notice a pattern here? Abbas pretends to embrace the roadmap, but he utterly rejects any part of it where the PalArabs are asked to take any responsibility whatsoever. He knows that if the Palestinian Arabs need to pass any test whatsoever before reaching the next stage they will inevitably, invariably fail using any objective criteria. So this is why he insisted on skipping past Phase I and now phase II - he wants a state to be handed to his utterly incompetent, infantilized people on a silver platter.

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It’s hard to figure out who is more incompetent here. The Palestinians, whose lionization of Hitler extends to glorifying his conquest of their European benefactors–or Europe, which is likely to give the perpetually corrupt PA the $6 billion it is requesting.

Every Arab rejection of moderation is ignored. Israel’s supposed to continue handing over land to people who publicly call for its destruction. But the moment Israel plan to build anything it’s not helpful. At some point don’t you have to ask if the premise of the peace process is mistaken?

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  1. Yankev Says:

    Settlement? Settlement? I haven’t seen Har Homa, but I’ve seen Ramat Eshkol and Givat Hamivtar, which, like Har Homa, are in parts of Yerushalayim that until June 1967 were under unlawful Jordanian occupation. (In fact, they are right next to Ammunition Hill, where the Jordanian troops stockpiled munitions during that war.) They don’t look much like settlements; in the U.S., we would call them “neighborhoods.”

* - Holocaust denier

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