Sunday, December 02, 2007

Mind The Gap

Many of you would heard the story about a lady with the wonderful speaking voice who was sacked by London Underground. OK, perhaps she was unwise to "have a dig" but to sack her?

Smacks of the same sort of management thinking I wrote about a few weeks ago.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Facebook Ban (2)

Flipchart Fairytales has posted a beautiful post about the subject I raised last week.

Did you hear about this? Kent County Council have banned their *32000 employees from using the social utility Facebook.

Employers are great at disciplining staff aren't they? If they spent as much time getting people to "buy-in" to the culture (I know it isn't easy in the public sector) of their organization, valued them more their staff just might do a better and more committed job. Perhaps then they wouldn't feel the need to spend time at Facebook or going outside for a fag.

This sort of thing is so typical of British management. Minimalist, narrow-minded, old-fashioned and unnecessary.


Michael Child said...

Trying to control who views what on an organisations computer can have unusual side affects, Chatham House School in Ramsgate decided to use a program to stop pupils going on unsuitable websites. Unfortunately as Chatham contains the word chat pupils were prevented from going on the school website to use the learning facilities there.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

A lawyer friend of mine had a similar problem with his firm. The word "explicit" was deemed as unacceptable by those in the I.T. department.

"Explicit" is a necessary word in legalese.