Saturday, December 01, 2007

Best Blog Post of 2007 (No. 2)

This from October:

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Natasha Kaplinksky Goes

Oh dear, the Strine tart at the Daily Mail, Amanda Platell, has had a dig at the lovely and talented Natasha Kaplinsky. Calling her Spangles (don't know why), she writes at the Mail on-line:

Spangles or Moira - it's no contest

Oh happy days! Spangles Kaplinsky is leaving the BBC to become the face of Channel Five News (they'll have to get the brains from elsewhere).

Now perhaps we can look forward to the return of the polished and comforting Sophie Raworth (elbowed out by Spangles while she was on maternity leave) or the arrival of the charming and talented Kate Silverton.

And with viewing figures for Five News just a tenth of what she got at the BBC, at least Spangles will finally get the audience she deserves.

If the reports are to be believed, Miss Kaplinsky will be paid £1million a year.

Me? I suspect that's just her make-up budget.

..................and what right has Platypus to say such horrible things? She goes on:

Still, it's a testament to the warped priorities of TV today that in the same week that Spangles secured her whopper deal, Britain's most respected female newscaster of them all was finally axed by the BBC.

Goodbye Moira Stuart. God knows, we'll miss you.

I've written about Moira here and up to a point I agree with her views but to suggest Sophie Raworth and Kate Silverton are better than Natasha is absurd. I suspect there's a little hint of jealousy here. Come on now Amanda just because you wish you were back advising the Conservative Party. (Rumour has it she didn't even vote on one occasion)

Jeremy Jacobs


Colin Campbell said...

I remember her. You have to admire journalists with integrity. By the way the link is bust.

Middle Man said...

I blame Bill Turnbull for most things. Please see my own post on the subject: