Thursday, December 13, 2007

Russell Brand as you've never seen him before

London, UK

Russell Brand popped along to a Hare Krishna temple. He's found a new religion. Talk a peak at this from today's on-line Daily Mail:

Russell ditches his wild side and gets a brand new religion

by DONNA McCONNELL - Last updated at 15:54pm on 13th December 2007

Motormouth comic Russell Brand appears to be seeking the path of enlightenment as he took time out to connect with his spiritual side at a Hare Krishna Temple.

The wild-haired one got into the spirit of things donning traditional flowing white robes, gladiator-style sandals and sitting in the lotus position among his fellow devotees.

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russell brand

Hairy Krishna: Russell Brand spent the day at a Hare Krishna temple and is said to be a spiritual devotee of the spiritual practice.

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Russell's is a star