Monday, March 24, 2008

Presenting and Networking

London, UK

My discussion with Andy Lopata on the radio earlier this month centred around "how to network correctly". It was a great radio show with plenty of positive feedback. In a couple of weeks time, another great networker and marketing/media guru, Jonathan Gabay will be joining me in the radio studio at JCom. Jonathan, Andy and I are great room workers, unlike Mr Buffoon, Mr Large and Mr Nerd. Read this from an article posted on this blog last July:

Tuesday, July 10, 2007
3 ways to ruin your chances at Business Networking

Earlier today, I attended a networking meeting in Central London, run by a well known organisation. There were around 100 or so people there from a variety of businesses. Many were interesting and good listeners, some less so but there were three individuals who really ought to learn the fundamentals of *networking. Here's those 3 "no noes" for starters:

TIP 1. Do not barge in on a "closed two".

Scene: I was in conversation with an executive of a well known company. All of a sudden from my left and overweight gentleman with an absurd tie said "hello" and started to ask a question of the executive. No rapport building or politeness. He even had the temerity to ask me to hold his glass of red wine. I put it on the nearest table, made an excuse and left the poor executive to handle "Mr Buffoon".

TIP 2. Never peer at name badges.

Scene: Two women and I were discussing business opportunities when we were approached by "Mr Nerd". He leant towards us three, peered at our name badges, then scuttled away after rambling on for a minute or so about the services he offered. Needless to say, my two new friends and I were most unimpressed. The title on his business card said "Head of Sales".

TIP 3. Remain sober and listen.

Scene: The three of us were joined by a fourth and things were going along really well until "Mr Large" turned up. Perhaps I should call him Mr Me, because that's all he was interested in - himself. Also, he was clearly drunk, rude and bellicose.

All three of these people, in my opinion, behaved in a socially inadequate manner. The Golden Rule of networking is to exhibit unconditional giving.


Anonymous said...

How about the women? Do they 'behave' better?

It's always nice when I see you around, Jeremy, tks for visiting me. Cheers, mate,

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Of course they do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jeremy,

Great blog. As far as the third type is concerned, they may still be giving. I could never see the point of networking with competitors but I recently read a very good business book where the author said that it's useful when these people drink too much because they let useful information slip which they would certainly keep to themselves when sober!

Colin Campbell said...

I learned a lot from my days of business networking. I met most of these characters. Nowadays, most of my networking is by doing a good job. I rarely have to go and pitch to new clients or partners. No doubt that will roll around again when I have a different role.

Over eager people are the worst.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Ah, the over-eager. Met one the other week. Terrible!