Monday, March 05, 2007

2 wonderful new Blogs

I was given a link at Rick's "Flip Chart Fairy Tales". This brilliant Blog highlights things that can go occasionally wrong at Corporate events. Knowing a thing or two about facilitating, I wasn't too impressed by the American chap in Rick's example here.

Rick also has a link to Suw Charman's Chocolate 'n Vodka This magnificent blonde honey has, this week, previewed the forthcoming horror movie, Black Sheep. No it's not about Gordon Broon but a crisis in rural New Zealand.

2 magnificent new Blogs and I would recommend them both to your most serious perusal.


Anonymous said...

Anyone who dislikes working for companies will like Rick's blog. Nice site Jeremy

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link Jeremy and for the comment, Rockin' Robin.

There is more corporate crap on there today.