Tuesday, March 13, 2007

How not to have safe sex

New to the Blogosphere is Mad lass and her new Blog "Diary of a Mad lass"

Her latest post is about a Romanian man and his desire not to have any more children. He clearly is unaware about condoms and their correct application.

Perhaps JJ and Amanda Chapel in the States, Tisha, Ellee and Abby Lee
have something to say on this matter.

Over to you ladies......................


Tisha! said...

Good thing he doesn't want kids! He's not too bright and now his weewee needs a "fix".

Why didn't he just make balloon animals with those pretty colored condoms!?

Jennifer Jones said...

Ohhh dear!

All I can say is we need MORE SEX EDUCATION! LOL!

We get colored, decorated, themed condoms and yet there are still guys who do not know how to use them... aiyaya!