Saturday, March 10, 2007

Golders Green and Brick Lane beware............

there's a scandal about to befall the BAGEL. Just seen this at Raincoaster

I wonder what Bagel Blogger, Stephen Pollard, Daniel Finkelstein and Yid with Lid make of it?

Could other UK-based Jewish Bloggers find offence? This one might. This one probably wont and the bloke at the Jewish Chronicle has probably never even heard of Raincoaster and if he did would certainly brand him an anti-semite.


Unknown said...

I can't speak for the other fellows, but I can assure you with great confidence, the Yidwithlid prefers women to bagels. Even everything bagels

Anonymous said...

I've heard of tuna burgers but tuna bagels?

Hold the cream cheese thanks.

Shalom Aaron
Visit: Bagelblogger

Anonymous said...

I'm not antiSemitic at all, although I am a bagel purist. None of those nasty dried-strawberry and lemon verbena abominations for me. Give me poppyseed or give me my money back!