Thursday, March 08, 2007

Google Search

Ok, I have to admit I'm a bit of an Egogoogler. What's "egogoogling" I hear you exclaim? Well, according to Psychologies magazine (Feb 2007) it's the practice of typing one's own name into an Internet search engine to see what sites appear. It's also know as "autogoogling".

I suppose it's a bit of fun but it does lead to false impressions and erroneous conclusions. You see, you'll find after blogging or updating your web-site content that Google and others do move you up the rankings. Which of course is great news if you an ego-maniac but not if you're a budding corporate video producer wanting to make a name for yourself.

Rather than searching under "Trevor Watkins" for example, it's much better to search on "corporate video producer" and/or "video producer" and see the name Trevor Watkins appear.

This is where use of meta tags and the correct use of content labels becomes important. Regular and appropriate content will see you zoom up the ranks.


Croydonian said...

Historically it was called egosurfing, and has been around for years.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I see you're at the "cutting edge".


Tisha! said...

Happy International Women's Day! Hmmm it's not what YOU think!

Anonymous said...

I'm a regular reader of Psychologies, I do enjoy it, but I think after a year, they may be repeating old ground.

Anonymous said...

I'm a bit new to all this.

What the hell is a meta tag?

Graham Jones said...

I have to admit, I am an Egogoogler. But that's because I want to make sure that the "real" Graham Jones is number 1 on Google. It transpires that around 8% of people who search for my web site do it by typing my name in - not something like "internet marketing" or one of my keywords. So I'm not, as Psychologies Magazine might suggest doing this for my ego. I'm making sure I'm number 1 for my bank balance. One interesting side effect - now I am in touch with other "graham jones" characters around the world - two of which are lawyers, interestingly. Now I don't know what that says about me - but there are surveys showing that certain names are more common in certain professions. A whole new many Jeremy's are radio presenters?