Saturday, March 17, 2007

Blogging Comments

This article appears at Do you agree with the points made?

I've added my two-bobs worth in bright red

Lately I have been toying with the idea of allowing comments on In true TodaysTen’s Fashion, I have came up with a list. 5 reasons each for allowing or not allowing comments on From this post on, I will be running a trial to see if comments really do increase both the quantity and quality of readership. Of course I would hope that comments will stay and make TodaysTen and me a better resource for you.

5+5 Reasons for/Against comments on Blogs

The 5 reasons TO allow comments:

1. Readers become contributors and are more engaged
-> a. Readers are smart people and they can contribute intelligent viewpoints. Give them a chance! (Yes, and attracts all types of people)

2. Allow contributors to link to their blog
-> a. I would like to get into the head of my readers. So link your blog from your comments and I will visit your blog. If you do not have a blog, consider starting one. (Agreed)

3. Allow off topic discussion that may become the focus of your next post
-> a. I plan my writing every Sunday. The week’s writing is usually planned and written before the day of posting. I like to have a buffer in case I run out of topics to write. However I might still run out of ideas. So please tell me what else you are interested in and I will do my research and write an article on it. ( But what about breaking news?)

4. Allow you to know what your readers are reading and who they are
-> a. So far this blog has been a one way conversation. What do you all think of my writing so far? What else would you like to read? (getting feedback is great - even better if you can get a testimonial)

5. Allow for self improvement through criticism
-> a. I would like readers to point out my mistakes and shortcomings. If you had been consistently reading my blog, you would have a sense that I like self improvement. One of the best ways is through CONSTRUCTIVE criticism. So please help me by commenting on my short comings and how I can improve them. (You could make this the subject of a special post)

The 5 reasons NOT TO allow comments:

6. Spam Comments
-> a. Useless comment that says “I agree/disagree”, “Good Job/lousy job” etc
-> b. Truly spam comments from bots and people who have nothing to contribute and just want to promote their obviously glaring ulterior motives ( I agree isn't a useless comment, IMHO. Agree strongly with point b.)

7. No time to response to comments that attack you
-> a. I make it a point to make a post daily. I will also make it a point to read all comments religiously but I might not respond. I don’t like arguments and it takes 2 keyboards to argue over the internet, so if I won’t participate, hopefully you will go away.(or I can just delete your comment) - Agreed

8. Comments can be hijacked by one person starting a flame war
-> a. Again, I don’t like arguments. Especially if they are started because someone personally attacked someone. Internet conversations have an uncanny ability to morph into flame wars after the 10+ post. ( You may be able to "cut-off" comments after a period of time - check your blog platform)

9. Comments are unverified information by anonymous people
-> a. Anonymous people who hit and run are the worst type. Be active and visible. Link to your blog so that other readers can see who you are and the other viewpoints that you are bringing into the discussions. ( I delete those types of comments)

10. No one reads them most of the time
-> a. Comments require a click to open. 80% of the people won’t be clicking on them. Worst…what if my blog has low reader participation. Won’t it mean to new readers that this is a blog that is still waiting to be discovered? (Not if the post is provocative enough)

So now the floor is open! Comment to your hearts’ delight and tell me what you think!

Over to you!!


Marcia, Your Confidence Coach said...

i let anyone comment on my blogs. they are open to the public. i want to hear what other people think about my blogs and what they have to say.
i do not use comment moderation. my blog is an open forum.

CityUnslicker said...

I don't use moderation either. But then few people read my blog.

I like all the comments and respond when I can. Without the comments there would be no food for my narcisscism!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Loads of peeps read your blog. "narciscism", uummmmm!! have you Tony recently?

James Higham said...

Jeremy, I don't think the 'anti' comments hold water as the delete and moderation facilities are pretty effective.

Colin Campbell said...

I have had very few examples of annoying comments and I have an open policy. Interesting and pretty complete (with your input) coverage of an important issue. Often comments can be better than the post itself. I do find the word verification a little annoying in blogger. Much better than all the baloney on Wordpress.