Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Commenting on comments is............................

....quite a good idea to get traffic. I've done a little of this in the past. It's so easy to ignore the views of others. Marcia, your Confidence Coach was quite open when she left this comment a few days ago.

i let anyone comment on my blogs. they are open to the public. i want to hear what other people think about my blogs and what they have to say. i do not use comment moderation. my blog is an open forum.


James Higham said...

Comments, commenting on comments and linking are surely what it's all about, Jeremy.

[By the way, very difficult to comment on your blog. this is my fifth attempt.]

Jeremy Jacobs said...

oh dear. not me guvnor honest.

GB said...

Hmmmm, the same Marcia left a comment on my blog a couple of days ago. She'd never left one before, and she'd clearly only skimmed my posting because she misunderstood one of the points I was making. Although her comment was kind of relevant, having looked at her blog I'm sceptical about her motives!

Anyway, I don't have comment moderation enabled at the moment. I've been through a couple of periods where I had to ban anonymous comments though, because a particular commentator(s) kept leaving abusive anonymous entries.

GB xxx

Holly Schwendiman said...

I've shared in a number of discussion on this topic recently on many blogs, it seems to be a big one lately. I find you get what you give and it's nice to find those who give back. Thanks for sharing the 2k bloggers linking code - it's so fun to see where I randomly find links and always enjoy visiting the many various blogs.


Ms Smack said...

I moderate my comments after an Adelaide stalker got really nasty on there threatening rape, stealing and later defacing pictures from the blog.

I hate that I have to do it, but it limits my comments a bit, but I'd prefer my readers not see his words, and also prefer to not give him the audience he so desparately requires.