Sunday, March 04, 2007

Eclipse of the Moon

Did you see it?

Impressive stuff. Won't be seeing that for another year or two.


Shades said...

We saw it but it was just a dull grey in Leeds due to wispy cloud.

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Is that the grey cloud hanging over Elland Road?

Anonymous said...

now now Jeremy you know us Leeds supporters are easily upset!
We will be back!!! (it might take some time though)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

I think you'll pull out of trouble

Anonymous said...

I am the worlds biggest optimist , but even I think we'll struggle to get out of the bottom 3 this season. Its no good I'll have to get the boots back out and show 'em how to play with a bit of passion rather than for the pay packet!!! You've got to love the club you play for, but sadly most just love the money.
anyway here's hoping for a miracle