Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Yes, March 14th, 2006 is the anniversary of my first blog post. Although CP (in name) didn't come into existence until months later, the "Barry" post was there 12 months ago.

Since then things have blossomed. I've made inumerable internet friends from Ellee and Iain Dale to Graham Jones, Yid with Lid, James Higham, Tom Paine all those at BlogLog and Technorati, ooh, the list is endless. Well not endless, it's on the left-hand side of this Blog!

There are other friends too at the Trek site and at the JJ.com website.

All in all, it's been a fantastic 12 months.

(Mustn't forget all those chaps at the 2000 Bloggers project)


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! 1 year is a long time to post regularly!!!

Anonymous said...

well..thats a cool concept...celebrating ur blog's birthday....wish I too could do that...anyways...best wishes to u for making ur blog all the more popular from my part too...u can gift ur blog a beautiful ecard from my blog...I have posted some really good ones...cheers :)

Anonymous said...

As we are in the same town at the moment, let's meet up and drink a toast to your bloggerversary!

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Sorry Tom, I assume you think I'm in Cannes. I'm not. I merely asked a question of you regarding which hotel you were in. Noga Hilton, Martinez or the Carlton?

Apologies for any confusion.

James Higham said...

Happy blog-birthday, Jeremy. I'm in the smae position as you, vis a vis Cannes. My department's there, not me.

Jennifer Jones said...

Hey, hey! Happy Birthday and big congratulations!

Here is to another great year for you!